Episode  56  “December Rain”

Chris and Joe get caught up while hanging in the shack. Conversations range from the perfect fishing shack to Catholicism. Joe reads from his newest novel in progress and Chris features music from Ben Winship’s “Fishing Music.” Join the fellas for 50 minutes that you’ll never get back.

Episode  55  “Trico Madness

Chris and Joe get caught up on life and all of it’s crazy twists and turns. Joe reads from his new essay “Trico Madness” and Chris performs an old James Taylor classic that he recorded earlier that morning. Enjoy Episode 55!

Episode  54  “Bikini Bob

Chris and Joe talk baseball and nicknames.  Using extensive research, Joe unearths a few fly fishing legends with memorable nicknames.  Joe also gets buggy talking about fishing terrestrials, and Chris features another lovely original song called the “Human Fly.”  Be sure to listen for the story behind the title and all the musings from the boys in the shack.

Episode  53  “Joe’s Kitchen”

Chris and Joe explore the slippery slope of technology when it comes  to fly fishing. How much is too much?  Joe attempts to offer a trout cake recipe with dubious results, and Chris presents a lovely instrumental that should not be missed.

Episode  52 “Trust the Stars”

After a hiatus of raising kids and cane, Chris and Joe are back with Fishing with Joe.  The boys are committed to bringing you their take on all things fishy and philosophical, brought to you from the salty perspective of two overly-educated and slightly jaded midwestern guys who find solace in moving water. This welcome back episode features Joe and Chris in front of the camera (for perhaps the last time) talking about the beautiful Kinickinick River from which they draw inspiration.  Chris features the lovely original song Canada Jim, which deals with the every day topic of aliens in our midst.  Where else but Fishing with Joe.  It’s good to be back! P.S.  We’ll return with our podcast/radio format soon.

Episode 51 “Stoneflies in the Snow”

The discussion centers around fly fishing journals, stewardship, and plans to tear down a dam! Music by Pharis and Jason Romero.
Episode 50 “The Junk Drawer of Our Lives”

Chris and Joe talk about the upcoming winter season and make preparations for opening day. Featured segments include the Mail Creel, The Thrifty Fly Fisherman, and Joe’s essay “Pass the Mustad.” Music my Chris Silver, Tangled Roots, and Stoney Lonesome.St
Episode 49 “If I Had a Boat”

Chris and Joe return to the fish shack for another season of FWJ! This episode features updates, music by Ben Winship, plans to navigate and fish the Yellowstone, and so much more!

Episode 48 Distractions

Sometimes distractions can be good and sometimes they can work against you. Joe and Chris take a close look at how people become distracted. Joe updates us his latest Western fishing adventures, local reports, and an interesting observation about the Blue River in Colorado. Music by the High 48s and the Tin Pan Alley Cats.

Episode 47 “The Urban Lumberjacks”

Joe and Chris analyze why they are suddenly considered hipster, Joe fishes the North Platte in WY, a new essay that explores whether or not things happen for a reason, and music by fiddler Eric Christopher!

Episode 46 “Here’s to Our Dads”

In honor of his dad, Joe reads “Why I Fish” by Robert Travers. Music by Greg Brown and Iris Dement, the “Thrifty Angler” and more! Dedicated to the memory of John Paatalo.

 Episode 45 “A Hole in One”

We revisit Joe’s incredible (or infamous) essay “Lust”, music from Erik Brandt, efforts by some to connect fly fishing with golf, and a new segment called “The Thrifty Fisher!”

Episode 44 “The People I’ve Met on the River”

Chris shares scientific observations of people that he’s met on the stream. Local fly fishing expert, Ken Hanson, discusses hot fly patterns, music by Duluth based Fishheads and more!

Episode 43 “From Skill to Art”

December 31, 2012 Fishing With Joe returns for a new season! This episode brings reflections of the 2012 season, a new essay by Joe, music from Chris’ new album “Quiet Fortune”, and insight into the world of fly fishing!

Episode 42 “Shackin’ Up Together”

April 23, 2010. The guys are back together after a break from their busy schedules. They provide an update on local spring fishing conditions, Joe gives us a report from his recent trip to MT and WY, spring rolls are cookin’ in Chris’ kitchen, and some wonderful music from Dan Newton’s Daddy Squeeze Trio.

Episode 41″Work The Seams

Feb 6, 2010. Letters from the Creel include a nice note from our European friend Erik plus another tip from Ken which lead to a discussion about slowing down and other fishing advice. Joe asks our listeners to tell us what you are reading to get through the winter, and then reads a passage from Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Music by listener, flyfisher and folksinger Alan Cayn plus Chris plays us some Jerry Garcia.

Episode 40 “Fishing In The Dark”

Jan 12, 2010. Joe and Chris dedicate this episode to the memory of Twin Cities musician Cam Waters and feature his music, Joe shares his essay “Fishing In The Dark”, plus the tune “Fishing In The Dark” from the Fishing Music II CD.

Episode 39 “Stress on the Bootie”

Dec 30, 2009. Joe and Chris reflect on 2009 and what they’re thankful for, the mail creel includes a nice note from a listener in Finland and tips from Ken. Chris features a new song from his latest CD “Everything Can Wait”, plus the music of Ben Winship on “Fishing Music II”.

Episode 38 “A Time Of Deep Reflection”

Nov 16, 2009. The guys are celebrating, Chris with the completion of his new CD which will be available in December, and Joe with the publication of his new book “The Eddy” which is now for sale, Joe updates us on his steelhead trip to the Brule with our friend John Eret, the guys report on their recent visit to the Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Joe reads an excerpt from his book, fishing tips from Ken, and Chris features some great music from his archives.

Episode 37 “Oh Velveeta”

Oct 4, 2009. Chris and Joe take us live to the 2009 Fall Fish Camp with stories, lies, low brow humor, music from Roger Nelson and Chris (of course). Plus, an essay “Fishin’ Buddies” by our good friend John Eret.

Episode 36 “Aliens and Leaky Waders”

Aug 27, 2009. Chris reports that although the Trico hatch is waining, BWOs are coming off in the evenings, Joe reports on his trip to MT (see his pics under the photos link), letters from the creel include listeners in New Hampshire, Colorado Springs and Belgium, Chris’ kitchen covers his dirty martini recipe, and great music from David Essig and Adam Steffy.

Episode 35 “67 Degrees”

Aug 10, 2009. The Trico hatch is happening, letters from the creel including a discussion on etiquette sparked by an email from our friend Roy, Chris’ kitchen covers his humble scallop recipe, and music from Pierce Pettis.

Episode 34 “Light up the Sky”

July 7, 2009. A report on Joe and Ken’s kayak fishing trip down the lower Kinni, letters from the creel, the technique of roll casting is covered, a great Cuban Mojito recipe from Chris’ kitchen, and music from Sam Bartlett.

Episode 33 “Smells Like Summer”

June 1, 2009. Joe and Chris cover local spring fishing and hatch reports, Chris and Joe play a little Bluegrass meets West African style tune live in studio, Joe reads part two of his essay “Anatomy of a Road Trip”, and music by Darrell Scott.

Episode 32 “Focus”

May 13, 2009. A review of the 2009 Spring Fish Camp, fishing reports from the region are rolling in, an article on night fishing, music by Gillian Welch and Buddy Miller, and part one of Joe’s essay “Anatomy of a Road Trip” which was also featured at Fish Camp.

Episode 31 “Going Back”

April 22, 2009. Happy Earth Day. Chris updates us on his recent trip to the Old Settler’s Music Festival in Austin, TX, Letters From The Creel include a note from our friend Buz Bigsby questioning common fishing theories, some great music by Ray Wylie Hubbard, Joe reads an essay on government in our lives by Colorado TU president Ken Neubecker, and Joe also reads his new untitled essay about going back to a favorite river.

Episode 30 “Fly Mojo”

April 2, 2009. Joe reads a selection from Ray Bergman’s “Just Fishing”, Letters from the Creel include a nice note from Dave in SC and a fishing report from Buz Bigsby, and music by Dave Moore,. Mark your calendars, Fish Camp is scheduled for May 8th.

Episode 29 “Root Beer River “

March 16, 2009. Join the opener ritual with Chris, Joe and Ken as they head to the Eau Galle River with their merry band fisherman. Joe and Chris read letters from the Creel, poems, and music by Bill Staines.

Episode 28 “Opener Anticipation”

February 23, 2009. Letters from the Creel including a DNR report and puns from the blog page, some hot music by Crooked Still, Joe reads a selection from Sigurd Olson, Chris’ Kitchen goes East Indian with a ‘camping with curry’ recipe, announcement of the winner of the Annual FWJ Official Bucktail Flytying Competition and an update from the FWJ Labs. Thanks to Roy for the bottle of Laphroaig.

Episode 27 “Good Oak”

January 30, 2009. Joe reads from Aldo Leopold’s “A Sand County Almanac”, Chris plays a couple new tunes live in the Fish Shack, Chris’ Kitchen features Chris’ Taco mix: 2 tbs chili powder, 1 1/2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp chili flakes, 1 tsp paprika, cook into 2 lbs hamburger and server with cilantro, avacado, aged cheddar and lime flavored corn tortillas. A special thanks to Lund’s for their sponsorship.

Episode 26 “Buck Tales”

January 15, 2009. Introducing the new FWJ Bucktail Flytying Competition, Updates from the FWJ labratories, Joe reads his latest essay that takes us on a solo streamside overnight, A a song by Duluth, MN musician Lance Rhicard and a live in studio performance from Chris and Joe of “Morning Train”. Special thanks to Roger Olson for his generous donation of fly tying materials.

Episode 25 “Winter Road Trippin”

January 6, 2009. Letters from the Creel topics include Nymph Greasing and Winter Camping, Joe and Ken report on their south bound road trip to AR and MO, Joe reads a selection from his soon to be published novel “The Eddy”, Beans and Rice are cookin’ in Chris’ Kitchen, and some wonderful music by guitar virtuoso Bob Evans!

Episode 24 “Cold Camping Warm Wishes”

December 23, 2008.  Chris and Joe are joined by special guest Jon Loo. The topic of winter camping is discussed, John’s music is featured, including a live in studio performance of a new tune, and Joe reads his annual winter letter.

Episode 23 “Reel Singing”

December 7, 2008.  A continued gear discussion focused on reels, Ken pays a visit, music by Kane’s River, and a very special holiday tune performed live from The Fish Shack.

Plus a simple (but seemingly complicated) bratwurst recipe from Chris’ Kitchen: Slice an onion, saute in butter until translucent. Add a beer. Add a bunch of water, bring to a boil. Cook brats on grill – just brown the outside, don’t worry about cooking them all the way through. Drop brats in water – simmer for a while. 10 minutes is probably enough but they can stay there as long as you want.

Episode 22 “Anatomy of a Road Trip Part 2”

November 16, 2008.  Joe and Chris celebrate the one-year anniversary of Fishing with Joe with a selection of great road trip music, things to consider when heading west, and the perfect road trip menu. Music by Sam Bush, Howard Luedke, Chris Silver, Ripoff Raskolnikov, and more!

Episode 21 “Graphite Paradise”

November 2, 2008.  Question: Day job vs. life in the woods?? Gearhead discussion about flyrods, music by the Biscuit Burners, six essential rules to follow, and more! Ken Hanson pays a visit as a special studio guest.

Episode 20 “Trout Have Rights”

October 19, 2008.  Notes from the Kinni, proof that rock and roll will never die, a smoked fish recipe from Chris’ Kitchen, Joe retreats to the woods, a reading by David James Duncan, and Music by Chris Silver.

Episode 19 “Calendars”

September 30, 2008. The season comes to an end, but Chris and Joe keep things alive with tips on extending the season, throwing out old calendars, and music by Chris Ardoin, Kevin Welch and Keiran Kane.

Episode 18 “Neon Kayaks”

September 10, 2008. Fall fishing tips, Joe reads from “The Eddy”, a perspective on a shared resource, and music by Jonathan Earl, Dar Williams, and Richard Shindell.

Episode 17 “Hangin’ at Ed’s Ranch “

August 25, 2008. A White River adventure, vanishing fish mystery, a trip to the ranch, and music by John Reishman and the Jaybirds.

Episode 16 “Happy Birthday Lynn and Naomi”

August 5, 2008. Joe and Chris present surprise birthday presents, Tricos continued, the “trout mobile,” music by Jesse Brock, and so much more!

Episode 15 “Life as a Spinner”

July 26, 2008. Local fishing update, fishing the Trico hatch, using a dropper, music by Cousin Dad. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Episode 14 “Tugboat Town”

July 14, 2008. Summer fishing strategies, grasshopper logic, chocolate covered ants, and music by Mike and Amy Finders (Dang good stuff!).

Episode 13 “Dirt Farming”

July 2, 2008. Local fishing report, broken rods and broken hearts, kayaking and flyfishing??, another edition of “What do You Keep in Your Vest,” Music by Levon Helm

Smoked Trout Brine: 1 gallon of water, 2 cups of salt, 1 cup on brown sugar, 1 cup of maple syrup, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Episode 12 “Neoprenes”

May 16, 2008. Joe and Chris discuss Fishcamp 2008 preparations. Topic: What would we like to see on our tombstones? Music by Paul Thorn, and the latest catch from the mail creel.

Episode 11 “The Hendrickson”

April 24, 2008. This episode features a discussion of one of the most famous hatches on the Kinnickinnic River. Music by Kevin Breit and Harry Manx, and a reading from Joe’s novel “The Eddy.”

Episode 10 “Going to the River”

April 10, 2008. Back from a brief hiatus, Joe and Chris present a special one hour episode featuring tales from Joe’s trip to Montana and Chris’ session with Taj Mahal. Joe reads from “Trout Streams of Minnesota and Wisconsin” by Jim Humphrey, listener emails, and music by Taj Mahal. Regular contributer, Roy, sends his thoughts on fly fishing vests.

Episode 9 “The Truth Zone”

March 10, 2008. Hear a live version of the theme song “Fishing With Joe.” Joe talks about the Trout Unlimited Pine Creek Project and reads from his recently completed novel “The Eddy.” Music from Fishing Music (Ben Winship, David Thompson and John Lowell) and Becky Schlegel, Chris presents a new discussion topic, excuses.

Episode 8 “Pass the Mustad”

February 26, 2008. Joe reads his essay “Pass the Mustad.” Music from Chris’ CD Souls and Spirits. What do you carry in your fly vest? Continued discussion about the spring season.

Episode 7 “What Do You Keep in Your Vest? “

February 21, 2008. Joe and Chris introduce a new segment: What do you carry in your fishing vest? Tips for the spring season, reading from John Gierach, Music by Jeffrey Foucault, and more! Send us those emails explaining what you carry in your vest!

Episode 6 “Trout Logic”

January 23, 2008. Chris and Joe read from the mail creel. Music by singer/sonwriter Chuck Lemonds. Poem by Sue West. Analysis of the word meniscus. Interview with expert fisherman, Ken Hanson.

Episode 5 “Winter Fly Fishing in Iowa”

January 17, 2008. Joe takes us streamside to the French Creek in Northern Iowa. Why do we fish in the dead of winter? Music by Greg Brown. Make sure to check out the Winter Fishing in Iowa photo gallery in the “photos” tab.

Episode 4 “Road Trips”

December 20, 2007. What are the essential parts of a road trip? What is the best road trip music of all time? These questions are answered by Joe and Chris. Submit your favorite road trip experiences and music to Fishin’ With Joe.

Episode 3 “Lust”

December 18, 2007. Does size really matter? Do we keep searching for more or do we spend time enjoying the moment? Joe reads his essay “Lust” about a unique encounter on the Rush River. Music by Gillian Welch.

Episode 2 “Reflections”

December 5, 2007. Joe reflects on some of the trout fishing best moments from each season of 2007. Featured music comes from Chris’ Souls and Spirits CD. Songs include “Fat Brown Trout” and “Same Old Places.”

Episode 1 “Trout Pellets”

November 26, 2007. From “The Fish Shack” in River Falls, Wiscsonsin, Joe and Chris kick off the first episode with an essay written by Joe entitled “Trout Pellets.” The music segment features a selection from Ben Winship and David Thompson’s Fishing Music.