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  • chsilv says:

    After a hiatus of raising kids and cane, Chris and Joe are back with Fishing with Joe. The boys are committed to bringing you their take on all things fishy and philosophical, brought to you from the salty perspective of two overly-educated and slightly jaded midwestern guys who find solace in moving water. This welcome back episode features Joe and Chris in front of the camera (for perhaps the last time) talking about the beautiful Kinickinick River from which they draw inspiration. Chris features the lovely original song Canada Jim, which deals with the every day topic of aliens in our midst. Where else but Fishing with Joe. It’s good to be back!

  • Ben Toppel says:

    In response to your fly fishing app idea, I would use it well BEFORE my trip out to the river. As a new fisher-person, I do as much research as I can before I fish. Being new to the sport, I still struggle with the phenology of bugs (ie: what bugs are out and when). I would use the app to research what flies are ¬®working¬® and then ditch the screen once I got to the river. I don’t use my phone when fishing. Those are my thoughts…

    • Joe paatalo says:

      Thanks, Ben. Sorry for the late response. There was a day when My friends and I thought it sacrilgious to use a phone on the river. Alas, that day has gone by the wayside. I, too, have my phone on the river, but I like to convince myself it’s only for pics.

  • Joe paatalo says:

    Joe here. Sorry for the technical glitch on the last episode. Several people said they couldn’t hear it. The problem is now fixed. Check it out. A new episode will be posted in the next few days.

    Chris and I hit the Trico hatch yesterday on the Rush. I love the Tricos, but man they can be tough. Chris and I caught fish, but Chris was the day winner with a lovely 18 incher on a spinner. Chris and I will be talking about Trico madness in the near future. Like all things fly fishing related, it’s all just a metaphor for life.

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